Hi, I'm David J. Garrett.

My LinkedIn is here. It will tell you about my technical career.

David Garrett

My Twitter is here. My DMs are open. It shows a little more of my everyday life, but it's not really representative.

(I have a Facebook as well.)

I have a blog called Futurism For Fun. I mostly wrote in it a few years ago but have started to pick it up again.

Here's my Github. It contains the code for this site (in the QPo repo) and a few other projects, including FaceLink, a machine-learning-based face detection and recognition project in Python.

I make some OK music. On Spotify and all other platforms, I go by "Judson Moore."

On another note, My files describing some of my extracurricular scientific interests and investigations can be found here. They're open for editing! For an overview, start at "Summary of DJG Scientific Interests".